Public Talks by Our Doctors

Dr Watt Public Talks

Dr Watt Wing Fong giving a talk on HPV vaccinations at Cresent Girls’ Secondary School as part of the Singapore Cancer Society’s outreach programme to schools to raise greater awareness on the importance of HPV vaccines on 1st June 2019.

Dr Watt Public Talks

Dr Watt’s talk at the Pregnancy, Labour and Me seminar organised by Cordlife Singapore on 25th May 2019. She shared about the pros and cons of the different delivery methods with mums and dads-to-be so they’re prepared for delivery when the time comes! Read more

Dr Dharshini Public Talks

Dr Dharshini shared about changes ladies can expect throughout their pregnancy at the “Pregnancy to Newborn Care” seminar organised by Octopus Mama on 29th April 2019. Read more