Gynae-Laparoscopic Surgery / Key-Hole Surgery

Nowadays, with advent of technology, certain major surgery can now be performed in a manner which is minimally invasive and less traumatic, allowing for a quick recovery time. This advanced technique is known as Laparoscopy where incisions are literally the size of a keyhole or smaller. The procedure allows the surgeon to see the abdominal and pelvic organs clearly with the aid of a long, slender device that is inserted into the abdomen through a small incision of approximately 5 to 10mm. The device is connected to a high resolution camera that magnifies the internal organs and their problems up to 30 times. Laparoscopy is used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes such as infertility or pelvic pain. Led by Dr Ting Hua Sieng, one of the few gynae-laparoscopic surgeons in Singapore with a Level II and III Minimally Invasive Surgery Accreditation from the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital with more than 15 years of clinical practice experience, The Obstetrics & Gynaecology Centre (TOGC) specialises in keyhole surgeries to diagnose and treat a number of gynaecological and fertility problems.

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